Many people have marvelled at the way Marisa and I have made our lives so open in this blog.  Many people have said that they would not have been able to invite ‘the world’ into their lives the way we did.

This is what I have experienced through suffering.

Suffering burns up bullshit.  It takes pride and cripples it.  It swallows people who are self centered.  It invites you to find your maker and make decisions.  Suffering forces perspective.  It shows you what things are worth.  It thrusts responsibility upon you.  Suffering causes nakedness.

But that is only if you listen to suffering.

I still have much to hear from suffering because I believe that my suffering is not going away.  I believe that my suffering is just going to have to live inside me, speak to me and become a part of me. 

And if I listen the correct way, I believe that I will honour two people, my Maker and my Marisa.

I wish you good ears.