Marisa’s obituary was published in the Christian Courier this week.

She was one of four people in the obituaries.  The ages of the other three were 75, 81 and 82.  One of them was married for 56 years.  FIFTY SIX.  I was jealous.

If you are coming to this blog either because of the obit and/or regarding the trust fund, here are the details again. 

You may send a cheque to Tallman Funeral Home in Vineland (905.562.5454) or at any Meridian Credit Union account number 6787600.

This money can be directed in any of these names:

Zion Hoekstra, Jacoba Hoekstra, Zekijah Hoekstra or Mendelt Hoekstra.

This money will go into one fund and that will help bless the kids down the road.

Thank you to all who have given the children money.  I am eternally thankful.