For those that don’t know, when sweet Marisa was diagnosed with cancer, our daughter Zekijah was just 7 months old.

Then not only did we find out that Marisa had cancer, we quickly found out how severe and aggresive it was.  This made us wonder if Marisa had cancer while she was pregnant and if it would harm Zekijah in the short or long term.

I recently met with Marisa’s very first oncologist who has looked into it and told me that there is ZERO chance that Marisa passed anything to Zekijah.  I like the number 0. 

There are some forms of cancer that a woman can pass to her unborn child but Marisa’s type was not one of them. 

It is proven that breast cancer can be hereditary and I could get Jacoba and Zekijah tested for the onco gene but I think I will wait to talk to them until they are older. 

For now, I love the number zero.

Peace to you,