So we’ve all made two months ‘without’ Marisa.

I appreciate those that are still reading this blog.  It has been good for me to connect with you still.  You are still a tangible part of Marisa for me. 

Life is good for the kids and I.  We love eachother, have dance parties, read many books, play countless games of tag and chess and we also miss Marisa together.  We miss Marisa together.  The four of us.

Human nature has set in so I thank those who are still here with us.

This week we are going to the VanderVeen’s to celebrate Marisa’s mom’s birthday and next week Wednesday our Jacoba turns four.  For most of the year, I’ve asked Jacoba to stay three forever so she is extra excited to make the age hike.  She told me tonight that I was invited to her birthday party.  Whew…

So here’s to two months.