When the four of us were in the fort that we made, Jacoba said to us that “adults shouldn’t cry”.

I investigated and asked her what she meant by that.

She said that kids are allowed to cry if they get hurt or their brother is mean to them but adults aren’t allowed to cry. 

I smiled at the brother comment.  And I asked her why adults aren’t allowed to cry.

She said,

“this year they just can’t”.

I think Roads is on to something when he said some kids naturally think that way because they know that stuff happens. 

Sadly, that is true.  My kids know that stuff happens. 

Compost happens.

After Jacoba said that this year adults can’t cry, I reminded her that I am going to take care of her.

She then rolled her eyes and told me that “I know that, you tell me every day”.

Yes Jacoba, I do.  And I will continue to do so.