Yep, I turned 34 today.

34 is surely not “old”, but I surely don’t feel “young”.  Let’s say I feel experienced.  And nothing beats experience even if it is suffering.

Zion is such a perceptive kid.  He walked into my room this morning and said “Happy Birthday Heit”.  How cute.

Jacoba drew me four pictures, a “little alien chariot”, a “mountain chariot”, a “dot to dot” and a “dot to dot chariot”.  Beautiful creativity.

And Zekijah was her regular bright self today.

The kids gave me a shirt and a tie.  They picked it out themselves.  The shirt was very ugly.  Aren’t kids supposed to give their dad an ugly shirt?  I think so.

We had a nice lunch out the the family, my parents, and my brother and sister.  It was nice.

But when we got home from lunch, the afternoon came down heavy.  The house was loud and quiet at the same time.

But then my mom came over.  The cloud seemed to lift.  We had a great chat.  We talked about Marisa.  We talked about the future.  We talked about Zion, Jacoba and Zekijah.

There is nothing like a mom to help you feel better.  True that.

Isn’t it insane that Z, J, and lil’ Z don’t have their mom?