Today was a glorious day.
We live in Southern Ontario and we have 4 distinct seasons. We have a full season of winter, a clear spring, a hot summer and a beautiful autumn.
Today was one of those crisp, clear, sunny, and cold (-4 C) days. Beautiful.

Zion and I (and our neighbour Ryan, age 7) spent the afternoon in the backyard.

After tag, the boys explored the forest while I sat in the sun.

My thoughts naturally floated to Marisa and our life together.  I thought about our wedding day.  I thought about the times we snowboarded in West Vancouver.  I thought about the time we enjoyed eachother behind a Scouts Canada building somewhere on the way to Ottawa.  I thought about the time Marisa was my piano accompaniment for one of my voice recitals.  I thought about when we found out Marisa was pregnant with Zion.  I thought about the first time Marisa met my family and how my Dad picked Her up and lifted Her into the air.  I thought about the first time She played piano for my family.  I thought about the time Marisa played piano in Holland and my Pake (grandfather) told me that She was a ‘keeper’.  I thought about the first time that I met Her family and stopped at the gas station to make sure my shirt was tucked in properly.

It was a strange time for me because I wasn’t filled with grief like I normally am when I think of Her. 

It was a glorious pocket of time.