Last week Zion and I went to our first of 6 sessions in a group called “Forget me not”.

This is put on by Hospice Niagara and it is for children who have lost a loved one through death.

Sadly, our beautiful Zion qualifies.

Before we went Zion told me that he didn’t want to talk about Mommy.  I told him that was fine.  But then Zion met a friend.  A member of the suffering club.  A boy named Jacob who lost his dad.  Jacob is 5 as well.  Zion and Jacob got along great.

When we left the group last week, the first question Zion asked me was “can we come back next week?”

So we are going again tomorrow. 

Zion is starting to understand what I have known for awhile now.  It is easier when people suffer together.