Today when Zekijah woke up from her nap, she called me from her bed and when I came into her room, she had her arms outstretched for me to hold her.

When I picked her up, she landed on my chest as if to say, all is now good.

And it hit me again.  I am her earthly lifeline.  

When she needs food, I am the one that provides it for her.  When she needs her confidence boosted, I do that.  When she needs a nap, I bring her to her bed.  When she needs to play, I make sure things are safe for her.  When she needs her nose or bum wiped, I do it.  When she needs to sing, I provide the harmony.  When she wants to go outside, I bundle her up.  When she needs to carve her space in the family dynamics, I clear the path for her. 

And I do it all with meaning.

And you might think that this is a one-way street.  That I give, give and give.  But it should be clear.  She gives me presents.  Every day.

Just her presence is all the presents I need.