Zekijah turns 2 on Sunday.

Yep, I wrote Sunday.  Mother’s Day.  A couple of stories.

1) For those that don’t know, before Marisa gave birth to Zekijah, She had a miscarriage.  That means that if things had gone the way we wanted and thought they would, we would not have ever met Zekijah.  Now looking at her gorgeous face, I can’t imagine anyone else.  Life, I love you.

2) If you know Zekijah, you know that she speaks more at 2 than many 3 year olds.  She did this early on.  There was one time when Marisa handed her a book and Zekijah, who was just over 1, said to Marisa, “thank you Mommy”.  It was as clear as can be.

Marisa turned to me and said.  Thank you Jesus, for giving her so many words so that I can enjoy her now.

Zekijah, you are tough and gorgeous.  Just like your Mom.