After two posts regarding watching our wedding video (almost to fruition and Song) I’d like to say a few more words on that experience.

If you were at our wedding, you might remember that it was a very non-traditional wedding, so it isn’t surprising that Marisa and I wrote our own vows.

Here is a few lines from what I declared to Marisa on the day we were married,


Marisa, as we join our lives together forever and become one before God,

I promise to love you totally and completely. 

I promise to respect you, encourage you and support you.

I promise to always be your friend.

I promise to never forsake you.

I promise to never forget our love.

I promise to never take you for granted.

Everyday with you is a gift from God.  I bind my life to yours.  You are welcome to all of my life, yesterday, now and always.


It strikes me that I used words like ‘never forsake’, ‘always’, and ‘forever’.

Who would have known how big those words would be.