I am not trying to start a revolution.

I guess I am trying to stop one that shouldn’t have started.

How often do you hear someone say the words ‘how are you’ as a greeting and not a question?  WAY TOO OFTEN.  I am not an English teacher, but I think that ‘how are you’ is a question and not a greeting.  

There is a disconnect if you walk up to someone, say ‘how are you’ and walk away.

Saying ‘how are you’ when you only have 4 seconds to talk to someone also doesn’t make sense to me.

I understand fully that when “how are you” is posed to me, I sometimes don’t like it because if forces me to decipher if the question is a question or a greeting.  I like it less when it is a dispassionate set of words.  When I see my relatives from Holland we still kiss eachother (3 times!).  I like that.  There is meaning to the greeting.

I would be in favour of  bringing back the Holy kiss as a greeting.  If one gets close enough to someone to kiss someone, then I think one would be engaged enough to care.  It would force us to take seriously what we say.

Maybe, if I have the onions to do so, the next time someone gives me a greeting of ‘how are you’ with no or little time for me to answer, I will stop them, thank them for the question and give them a 7 minute monologue on how I am.  And if they look surprised, I will just whisper to them,

“just kiss me next time”.