Today Jacoba and I went shopping.  I love going out in public with Jacoba because I feel like a king with my queen.  People are drawn to her.  She bubbles around public places like she owns them.  She says hello to each person that will listen and her beauty turns heads.

We were walking in the mall and Jacoba was carrying a large backpack.  She stopped to shift it on her back and when she stopped, there were two older ladies sitting watching her.  One of the ladies engaged Jacoba in a conversation and they started to talk about regular stuff.  She asked Jacoba her name, age and so on.  Jacoba was being folksy and was probably making the ladies day.

Then one of the ladies asked Jacoba if the backpack was her mom’s.

Jacoba looked deep into this woman’s eyes and slowly said “MY MOMMY DIED”.

Then Jacoba sat on the floor.  She shut down.  I suggested to her that she stand up.  She wouldn’t.  She sat on the floor and put her head in her lap.  She wouldn’t look at me. 

I sat down with her.  I rubbed her back.  She didn’t want that.  I tried to talk to her.  She didn’t want that.  I tried to put her on my lap.  She didn’t want me.

I know what she wanted.  I wanted that too.

She ended up agreeing to being carried back to the van.  When we stared to drive she wanted to have a contest to see who could sing more words of the new BNL album.

I wondered what I could have done better.  Should I have punched that woman in the face to prove to Jacoba that she will be protected from pain?  Obviously, I am too late for both punching or protecting from pain.

We drove away and I wondered what I should do.  I wondered if I should bring up the topic but I decided to leave it at the time.  She was too busy beating me in the lyric contest.