After taking more than a day to think about Jacoba’s shutdown at the mall yesterday, I am proud of her for what she did.

In her four year old way, she acknowledged what she perceived as a slight from this woman and faced it.  She told this woman in her four year old way, the facts of life with the tone of a raised middle finger.  And then after facing and forgetting about the ‘offender’, she did what all wise and unprepared people do when they are wounded, she grieved.

She didn’t care about the world around her.  She ‘took’ care of herself by crying out.

She did what each and every bereaved person should do.  She grieved.  And she did it well. 

And then when she was ready, and only when she herself was ready, she moved on.  A bit dented, but she moved on.  And then what does a successful 4 year old do when she has just been wounded?  She takes on her next opponent.  Her dad.  And she kicks his butt.

Good job Jacoba.  Good job.