Before I went to the wedding last Saturday, I was looking forward to hearing the vows that Bas and Hinke would commit to eachother.  Since I had just privately celebrated what would have been Marisa and my 10 year anniversary and had found our vows and studied them, I was interested in hearing what they had to say to eachother.

They were beautiful and their words hit me.  Among other things, they said that they would be with, support, and love eachother until the hour of their death.

The hour of your death.

When they said that, I both grieved and celebrated. 

I greived because I know what that means.  I grieved because I sadly know what that means.  I grieved because I wasn’t like the couple that have been married for 55 years and don’t know what that means.

I celebrated because people, like Hinke and Bas, still say these things to eachother.  And even though they don’t know what it means right now, they still say it.  And they promise this.  And there are people that prove in 2008 that saying things like this can come true.  That we can really do it.  We can be with eachother until the hour of their death. 

That we can be with, support and love eachother until the hour of their death…and beyond.