While it is one of the more important relationships that is being redefined, the one with Marisa’s family is not the only one that needs to be redefined.

The fact is, all my relationships need to be redefined.

I have a new role with Zion.  With Jacoba.  With Zekijah.  I need to redefine my role within my own brothers and sisters.  I am a new Mendelt.  There is a tangible distinction between pre-cancer and post-cancer Mendelt.  They are two different people.  The old Mendelt died with Marisa.

I have a new role with my basketball buddies.  With my neighbours.  With the kind people in our church.  With the gracious people that leave comments on this blog.  With the employees at the local grocery store, the bank, the hardware store, the bike store.  Everywhere I go, my role with people has to be redefined. 

I even have to redefine the role that I see myself in this world.  What should/can a 34 year old, father of three, recently widowed do to further the Kingdom? 

Which brings me to the most important role that has to be redefined.  My role with Jesus. 

And this is difficult.  Redefining roles is not easy.  It is not easy because there is love and hope and death involved.  There are promises involved.  That is hard stuff.  That stuff forces perspective. 

That stuff changes people.

Not for one minute do I worry about the relationship that I have with Marisa’s family.  Marisa’s wisdom shines through those decisions. 

And that wisdom can redefine all.