I was in a park with Zion, Jacoba and Zekijah.  The kids were playing, having fun and interacting with other kids.  As per usual, Zion organized a game with a number of different kids and before long there was a game of tag with almost a dozen kids.

When the game was near finished, one of the other parents and I got to talking.  We pointed out our children to eachother and when I told her that Zion, Jacoba and Zekijah were ‘mine’, she said,

“You have good kids”.

When she said that, this is what I thought,

‘Damn straight I have good kids.  Do you know what it took to ensure these kids are ‘good’ and continue in that path?  Do you know what they have been through?  Do you know what it is like to have to train, shepherd and navigate three kids each at their own cognitive, emotional and spiritual level through losing their Mom and really their best friend?  Do you know that these kids have every right to walk up to other kids and punch them in the face out of jealousy because they haven’t lost their mom?

That’s right I have good kids.  It is party because Marisa and I have set them up in a community of believers that sticks true to their word when the promise to receive them in love, pray for them, help instruct them in the faith, encourage and sustain them in that fellowship rings true.

That’s right I have good kids. 

I thought to myself, I have seen Zion wade through confusion with understandable and unpredictable behaviour trying to figure out his new role without his Mom and while he is still in the middle of it, he is polite and eats his vegetables.

I have listened to Jacoba’s endless stories of her and her Mommy with a mix of pride and lament that would make a Hollywood director cry.

I have watched Zekijah grow in an image of Marisa so beautiful, kind and full of good that I swell with pride when I see her.

That’s right I have good kids.  Because when Jesus left this earth, He breathed his Spirit for us to have peace.  And when Zion, Jacoba and Zekijah were born, that breath was in them.  And when Marisa took Her last breath, that Spirit stayed with these kids. 

I thought, that’s right I have good kids.  And despite what they have gone through and will continue to go through, they are great kids.  And despite that their father and number one fan is terribly flawed when it comes to raising them, they will continue to be good kids.

That is what I thought when the woman said I have good kids.

This is what I said to the woman,

“Thanks, I agree.”