Yesterday we were all outside and Jacoba came up to me with her hands behind her back and asked if she could show me something.

I crouched down so we were eye to eye and said ‘of course’.

She brought her hands from behind her back to show me two flowers.  She said, “I picked these flowers for you.”

I was moved.  I told her that I loved her. 

She started to squirm but listened intently.

I told her that I am going to take care of her and protect her.  I told her that I was crazy about her and that I hope I am her best friend forever.

She squirmed some more but stayed quiet and listened to me.

I told her that every day, every night, every morning, every hour I was going to love her.

She was almost dancing at this point.  Our eyes were locked.

I told her that if a boy asks her to marry him, she can say ‘no thanks’ and live with me forever.  I kissed her on both cheeks and whispered in her ear that I loved her.

She continued to squirm but stayed right where she was standing.  I then was quiet.  Secretly, I was hoping for a ‘thank you’, or an ‘I love you too’.  But it was something better.

She whispered in my ear,

“I have to go poop now”.

And off she went.