Marisa’s wonderful parents, Chris and Ann VanderVeen celebrate 40 years of marriage tomorrow.

33 of those years they spent nurturing, loving, adoring, respecting and teaching Marisa.  Marisa was not the woman She was by accident.

Thank you to Mom and Dad VanderVeen for showing Marisa the truth. 

Marisa adored Her parents.  Their relationship was one of utmost respect, balance and love.  It was great to be a part of it for many years.

It is a tricky thing to wish your in-laws congratulations when your link to them is no longer here.  It is confusing why they received more than 4 times what we had.  It is a difficult to know what to do say when we call them and sing.

But is easy to celebrate a 40 year promise, so to that end, on behalf of Zion, Jacoba, Zekijah and dare I say Marisa, we celebrate 40 years with you.  We love you.