Dear People,

The venue has changed for the October 18 concert.  We are planning on holding it at Redeemer University College.  ( for directions )

Please invite your friends.  Invite them to read this blog to get a small picture of a woman that fully deserves the honour of a scholarship in Her name.

Also, please remember that we are trying to raise $25,000.  I understand this is a large amount of money but I think we can do it.  Each cheque that is written to Redeemer University College – Marisa VanderVeen will be granted a tax receipt.

I hope to see the auditorium full.  My brother John is flying in from British Columbia for this concert.  He is a great singer (and quite a looker).  My sister Monique is also coming in from Vancouver.  Monique and I used to perform often together and Marisa always was our biggest fan.  Also, my sister Frances is coming in from the West Coast as well.  It is a battle between Frances and I to see who is the best piano player amongst the 6 children in our family.  ( I usually win…sorry Franny )

Really, the concert is going to be great.  You will not be disappointed.

I hope to see you there.  And when you come, please introduce yourself to me.   October 18.  7:30 P.M.  And if you can not come but still would like to donate, please e-mail me at mendelt.hoekstra at gmail dot com or leave me a comment here on the blog and I will respond to you personally and your comment will not be posted for public consumption.  Thanks.

Peace to you,