We are selling our house.  We are going to move.  Marisa knew we were going to do this and for various reasons the time has come.

Before we sell, I want to finish off the basement stairs so today, without hesitation, I called my dad on the phone for construction advice.  We talked.  Like usual, he offered his help and gave a number of suggestions that will work. 

I hung up the phone.  I was thankful that my dad is healthy, willing and able to help me.  I was thankful that I can, without hesitation, call him.  I lamented for those people that can’t call up their mom or dad for advice. 

And again it hit me.  Like a punch in the face.  Zion can’t call his mom.  Jacoba can’t call her mom.  Zekijah can’t call her mom.

I sighed. 

I had to literally catch my breath.

I was physiologically affected by that thought. 

And, like every day, I had to keep going.  Walk on.  Rock on. Continue in faith that one day, hopefully one day soon, this world will be without death.  Without sting.  Without torment.  Without moms and dad raising kids on their own.  Without the seemingly unjust beast called cancer.  Without 34 year olds weeping at the sound of another child running to their mom.  Without 4 year olds tormented by their moms absence.  Without 6 year olds saying ‘I wish mom could eat with us tonight’.  Without 2 year olds who will most likely only remember their mother through the stories of others. 

Jesus, come quickly.