Yesterday was a heavy day.

I went to visit a friend of mine.  He gave me my first writing job.  He is dying.  He is soon to leave this earth.  He has cancer.  I remember those last days with Marisa.  Tough, heavy stuff.  He asked me to play at his funeral. 

The answer was yes, before he even asked. 

I spent some time with him and his wife.  We drank tea.  We made sure that he was comfortable.  We waded through the most uncomfortable part when I had to leave.  What do you say to a man that you won’t see again on earth?  Heavy stuff.

I then came home and got a phone call.  It was of a man, Randy, who is ready to say goodbye to his wife.  She is dying.  Of cancer.  Terrible, shitty, unrelenting cancer.  Her and Marisa connected a number of times while Marisa was still around here.  Her name is Ann Mary Vermeer.  Marisa has written about her on this blog.   Ann Mary herself has commented on this blog.  Now she is dying.  I remembered those last days of Marisa’s life.  Tough, heavy stuff.  He asked me if I would play piano at his wife’s funeral. 

The answer was yes, before he even asked.

He told me that she would be thrilled to hear that.

I told him that I was honoured.

Randy has written many e-mails/updates to the people that love Ann Mary.  He always signed the e-mails with “pray for a miracle”.

At the end of the e-mail he wrote last night, he wrote this,

“I know that we’ve all been praying for a miracle.  One’s coming soon”.

“One’s coming soon”.