The thing about a ‘terminal illness’ is that it is a full time burden.  Marisa woke up each morning with cancer.  She went to bed each night with cancer. 

Somewhere between being positive and being realistic there is hope. 

And in saying that, we all know that we are all going to die. 

When someone has cancer, that death is simply (or not so simply) more imminent than usual.

I thought of all the things that I needed to do this weekend.  Drop the kids off at their friends.  Go have tea with my parents.  Get some milk for the kids.  Meet a friend for supper.  Play softball.  Get my music together for sunday morning.  Buy bananas.  Visit my friends open house.  Pay my bills.  Take a bike ride.

Dying wasn’t on the list for me.  I guess I’ll do that later…I guess…