Again someone close to me asked if it was ‘too much’ for people to ask me to play piano for a funeral.  “After all”, one person said, “you are still very much grieving and might not have the strength for it”.

I understand what they are trying to say.

But maybe they don’t see the communion of the saints the same way I see it because I saw a glimspe of those saints tonight.  I stood in the visitation line for Ann Mary’s loved ones.  I watched Randy, Ann Mary’s husband, field all these people and do it with grace.  He knew what needed to be done and he did it.  I watched him.  I watched his children.  I watched as countless people came up to the family and spoke to them.  I saw their faces. 

I’d like to say that I saw their strength.  But that isn’t true. 

I saw their weakness.

The people at the funeral of Harry or Ann Mary or Marisa are not an example of the strong holding up the weak.

It is the weak holding up the weak. 

I like the weak.