soloist Zekijah

soloist Zekijah

The Hoekstra family is gearing up for the concert on October 18.  I hope that people are making plans to come.

Again, the concert is at Redeemer University College ( for directions ).  This is where Marisa and I met.

The concert is going to be put on by my family.  The plane tickets have been purchased.  Mem has given us our dress code.  My brother John is already doing his hair. 

We are all musicians and I promise that you will enjoy the concert.  There will be a variety of things; the whole family singing together, my sister Monique and I doing some duets, my brothers, our dad and I singing some men’s four part harmony, and hopefully Zion and Jacoba and I in a trio of something special.  We have been practising (even Zekijah as seen in this picture).

I am also planning on singing four original songs myself.  One for Zion, one for Jacoba, one for Zekijah and one for Marisa.

We are planning on raising 25,000 dollars.  I know this is a large amount of money but I think we can do it.

I’m sure we can do it.  MdH