We are gearing up for the concert on Saturday.  My good brother John flew in from British Columbia and we have been rehearsing and having a great time.

The concert will be at Redeemer University College in Ancaster ( for directions www.redeemer.ca ).  The concert will be put on by the Hoekstra family and those that have either married into the Hoekstra family or becomed loved by them.

It starts at 7:30.  Please invite your friends.  You don’t need to buy tickets.  You can just show up and there will be an opportunity for you to donate to the scholarship in Marisa’s name at the end of the evening.

Marisa knew that this scholarship was going to be created. 

The Marisa VanderVeen scholarship will go to a student that shines brightly.  For the student that furthers the Kingdom with their athletic and musical gifts.  Just like Marisa did.  For this scholarship to continue forever, the amount of $25,000 needs to be collected.

At the concert, we will be hearing varied music played and sung by the Hoekstras.  It will be fun.  We will also be listening to a recording of Marisa playing piano herself.  We listen to it in the van when we drive.  When I listen to it, I can see her fingers blaze up and down the piano.

Although some would call me an accomplished piano player, the fact is, I can’t hold a candle to the way Marisa could play.

A few days ago we were listening to Marisa in the van and Zion said to me, “Can you play this song”  I said, “No Zion I can’t”.

He said, “does that mean Mommy was better than you?”

The answer is complicated and simple.

“Yes Zion. Yes.”


I hope to see you on Saturday.