I received an e-mail from a good friend that said to me, “Mendelt,

“it is difficult to be your friend”.

This is the same person that calls my thoughts and words “Mendeltisms”.  I like that.

This friend said that is was difficult not because of me, MdH, but because I am bereaved.  I am up one day and more up another day.  This friend isn’t saying that I should change or be less open or more open, this person is just saying that it is difficult to walk with me during this time.  And I can understand this.  In fact, sometimes I wonder why people stick with me to begin with. 

Then the answer comes.  It is grace. 

In saying all that, I applaud those who stick by the bereaved.  We need you.  Because you are the grace we need.  The grace we crave. 

Your task is work.  It is difficult.  It is difficult work. 

But it is also beautiful.  It is also love.  It is righteous.  It is kindness.  It is gentleness.  And as you will read in a future post from my friends Justin and Rachel, it is faithfulness.  I know that each person supporting the bereaved aren’t believers in Jesus, but you won’t convince me that the support isn’t Spirit inspired.

A light is not just a light.

To that end, I wish you the spirit.  The spirit of faithfulness.