The night that was.  A kids dream.  Free candy for just putting on a costume.   Seeing that I used to be a teacher, I was glad that trick or treating happened on a Friday and not a weekday.  I remember those days when students would come into class the next day hopped up on sugar.  Good times.

Zion wanted to be a pirate.  He looked great. 

Jacoba, as much as her father tried to reason with her against the decision, decided to be a princess.  She looked great. 

Zekijah decided to be Spiderman.  I was wondering how she would last walking all that way with her little legs so late in the day.  She led most of the time.   She would walk in front of the other kids (we went with some friends) and say “COME ON GUYS, LETS GO!”  Priceless.  She also got more candy than the others.  It helps to be adorable.