Today last year we celebrated Marisa’s birthday.  It was a party.  Cake.  Balloons.  A bouncy castle.  And 300 of Marisa’s friends.

If you were there, you know how Marisa greeted each person with celestial strength.  It was a great day.  Thank you to everyone who came.  It is a good memory for us.

It was crazy to think that one month and 3 days after this party Marisa would die.

This is a thick week for people such as us.

So we will ‘party’ ourselves.  And we will grieve.  And we will celebrate.  And we will think of Marisa.  And it will hurt.  Oh, it will hurt so, so much.

But we will Shine.  Because that is what Marisa did and that is what She would want us to do.