After this hike last night we came home and had supper.  Peanut butter sandwiches and bell peppers.  After supper we all sat on the couch and watched a movie.  20 minutes into the movie, Jacoba (4) turned to me and said, “shouldn’t you be doing the dishes now?”

A few years ago I was a presenter at a conference in Toronto.  It was the same weekend that Marisa went away with some of her friends to a cottage.  Marisa left on Thursday night and came back Sunday night.  On that Saturday, I spoke at the conference.

I started my presentation with this,

“For the last two nights and tonight I am riding solo with all our glorious, time consuming kids.  I had no idea how much work it is for one person to take care of children by themselves.  If there are any good single parents here, I will buy you lunch”.

There were three people that joined me for their free lunch.  They were all single moms.  At that time I thought I knew what busy was.  What a joke.

I’m not saying that trying to raise three kids by yourself is difficult because that is inaccurate.  Trying to raise three kids well is difficult.