It happened again.

I was caught in a conversation that left me cringing to impart perspective.

I walked into the store where two people were around the counter.  One knew me, one didn’t.  The gentleman that knew me asked how the kids were doing.  I didn’t care to make time to explain things in great detail so I said that they were doing ‘okay’.  Which isn’t too far from the truth.

Then the other person, who didn’t know me, asked how many kids I have.  I told her.  3.  She asked for their ages.  I told her.  2, 4 and 6.

She said, “oh just wait until they are teenagers, then you become emotionally exhausted having to deal with them”.

I smiled.  And left.  (it was a fake smile)

And although I believe her and think she is right, what do I say?

And there it was.  Another ‘dangling conversation‘.

Another conversation that moves nothing along.  A conversation that furthers nothing.

But I chewed on it for a while. 

When kids are young with diapers, lunches, bedtime readings, showers, teeth brushing, scrapes, winter coats, snotty noses, putting on pyjamas, tying shoes, french braids, soccer balls, colds, toys, reading books and so on, life is supposed to be physically tiring for the parents.  Because as my children have said before, ‘that’s my job’.

(and yes I do french braids)

But when you raise children that have gone through suffering, emotional torment and tiredness go hand in hand with the physical exhaustion at then end of the day.

And just to get through the day can be a monumental task.

So I left the store and thought about what that woman said.

And then I thought – I am too tired to think about it.