This blog has received over 900,000 views.  In less than two years.  That blows my mind.

This blog started as a way of getting the correct information out about Marisa’s cancer.  This blog became much, much more than that.

It became a love story.  It became a love story with many different players.  A love story between Marisa and me, between us and the kids, between us and you, between us and Jesus. 

I often wonder why this blog is read by so many. 

Do some people come here to learn?  Yes.

Do some people come here to grieve?  Yes.

Do some people come here because they have something to say?  Yes.

Do some people come here for morbid curiousity?  Probably.

Do some people come here for a tangible link to Marisa?  Yes.

But it is probably more than that.

While I don’t know the full answer, I think one of the reasons is that there is a point in everyone’s life that we will realize something, a place where we come to understand that,

 This world breaks everybody.

And I think that people have seen brokenness here.  They have read about it through stories, through pictures and through the experience that we decided to allow the public to digest.

And after people have seen this brokenness, I wonder why they continue to read. 

I think it is because people want to see what grows out of broken places.