We went to the Toronto Zoo last week. 

My friend Chris, his daughter and son, myself and Zion and Jacoba.

It was a great time.  It was a nice crisp day and the kids had a blast learning about different animals and seeing them in action.  I like watching kids smile.

I also liked it because it was two dads with kids.  Two dads with four kids.  Some people would look at us, with kids in tow, snacks, knapsacks, gloves, hats, big eyes, laughs and give that look of ‘pretty impressive, two dads’

And frankly, I thought it was pretty impressive.  The kids had a great time.

Then we started the hour drive home.  That too went well.  Chris’ wife Kelly was going to meet us for supper afterwards so Chris made a phone call to touch base with Kelly.

When Chris was about to say goodbye to Kelly, Ella, their daughter asked if she could “talk to mommy”.

I was sitting in the front seat.  Ella and Jacoba were sitting beside eachother in the seat behind me.  The phone was handed to Ella.  I turned around to watch Ella talk to Kelly.

Jacoba was looking at Ella.

Ella was talking to her mom.

Jacoba can’t.  If you have seen Jacoba’s beautiful face this may seem hard to believe but her face looked empty.

Jacoba just looked at Ella.

And Ella just talked to her mom.  Like it should be.