Here is my take on Zion’s reaction.

I believe that if the village raises and loves the child well, it is only evident when that child then takes that knowledge and love and blankets others with it. 

I don’t think that Zion can give me the same amount of love that I give him.  I don’t think that same amount of love can neccesarily flow ‘up’ as it does ‘down’.

In the same way that those who follow Jesus can not give Him the love that He gives us.  It is just impossible.

So, when Zion sits in the van, he sits there as a 6 year old.  A 6 year old that is in many ways too experienced for his age.  A 6 year old that has seen the ugly side of life.  A 6 year old that can also, through grace, see the beauty of life too.  But has seen a lot of ugly.

And he listens to his flawed dad who tries to make a joke.

And when he hears the joke, he most likely first decides if he believes me, decides that he doesn’t and then takes that knowledge and blankets his sister with comfort/love.

That means the world to me.

I thought two things.  I thought ‘thank you Jesus’ for giving this kid what he needs.

And I also thought the same thing that I think of when I make a near perfect french braid in Jacoba’s hair; ‘take that cancer‘.