…back to reality.

I’ve been back to work for two weeks now.  It’s quite a scene.

The mornings at work usually consist of me limping into work with one shoe untied, a soother still in my pocket, a hair tie still around my wrist and hoping that my hair doesn’t look noticeably disheveled.

And the kids on my mind.

It is going relatively well.  I sat down with the kids before I went back and told them what was happening.  I explained that things will be a bit more busy now so we will just have to have more patience with each other.  I stated that if I forget to put something in your knapsack for school, then you will forgive me.  And if you forget to change your underwear and wear the same one two days in a row, I will forgive you.

Zekijah (2) said “Come on, I don’t wear underwear”…

(she’s right).

So we just soldier on.  I’m not worried that we will make it.  It is just more complicated now.