For sad reasons I had to explain to the children this week that a married couple close to them and loved by them have decided to separate.

We spoke during supper.

I explained to the kids that sometimes when people get married, they don’t get along so they don’t stay together.

Zion said “that doesn’t make sense”.

I tried another angle.  I said that sometimes when people are together and they fight then they go away from eachother and need to live in different houses.

“Heit”, Zion said, “that doesn’t make sense”.

I thought to myself try another example so that he will understand.

I explained another angle. 

Sometimes when a mom and a dad can’t get along and can’t live together without fighting and arguing they decide that it is better for them to separate and not see each other anymore.

Zion was getting annoyed.  He clearly explained to me that whatever my explaination of separation was, it wouldn’t make sense to him.  So he repeated.

“It doesn’t make sense”.

I was quiet for a moment.  He looked at me.  I thought to myself,

No wonder he thinks this doesn’t make sense.  He thinks that when people are living, married and they haven’t died from cancer then of course they should stay together.  That makes sense to him. 

I knew I wasn’t going to convince him to understand that it makes sense.  Because to me, it doesn’t make sense either.

But he was looking at me.  He was waiting for an answer. I said,

“You are right Zion, it doesn’t make sense”.

He went to reach for his milk.  Just before he took a sip, he looked over his cup at me and said, “I told you that already”.