When people talk to me about Marisa, many of them speak of heaven.

I have consciously not said much about my views on heaven for various reasons but I listen curiously about what others have to say about it.

I had thought I had heard all the versions out there  until today.

I work for an organization, Bethesda, that supports adults with special needs.

Today I encountered an old friend who has lived at Bethesda for a long time.  We have known each other for more than 1.5 decades. 

He came up to me today.

He said, “Mendelt, is your wife dead?”

I said, “Yes, Marisa is dead”.

He asked if She was in heaven.

I said, “Yes, I believe She is in heaven”.

He said, “You know who else is in heaven with your wife?”

—-I thought, here comes a sad moment for me.  Here comes a story of a loved one, maybe his mom or dad, aunt, uncle or maybe even a brother or sister.  Here comes one of those holy moments where two bereaved people look to each other for a piece of healing.  I braced myself, looked him in the eye and was ready to console him.

I said, “tell me, who is in heaven with Marisa”.

He looked at me, smiled and said, “Elvis”.