(Zekijah’s 2 year old party)


Today is Jacoba’s last day to be 4.  Ever.

This will be her second birthday without Marisa.  That is 40% of her birthdays.  Sadly, that percentage will only increase.

So we will make party celebrations.  There will be cake.  There will be friends.  There will be hot dogs (Jacoba’s choice).  There will be presents.  There will be hugs and kisses.  There will be cake with cream (Jacoba’s choice).  There will be friends.  There will be siblings (Jacoba’s choice…phew).  There will be games.  And there will be moms.  Not my favourite mom, but moms nonetheless.

And there will be a dad.  Who will be proud of his new 5 year old. 

And that dad will think of Jacoba’s bellybutton; the living connection to Marisa.