When Jacoba was asked how old she is, she said, “a full hand”.

A full hand.  Or a hand full.  Either one.

We had a relatively great day.  I managed to pop into Jacoba’s class with my guitar and serenade the newest ‘hand full’.  I think she liked it.  She was proud of me.  I am clear that one day that may be altered, but for now she adores me.  It feels good.

Today is Jacoba’s 5th birthday.  Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  Monday is our provinces holiday “Family Day”.

And we are planning and executing parties.

Make no mistake about it.  It is great  (Jacoba thanked me for coming and singing in her class).  And it is terrible (we were seated at the restaurant tonight beside a young couple with children the same genders and ages and ZJZ).  We are living testimony that not only can joy and pain co-exist, it is neccesary for growth that they do