Tomorrow is another chemo day….time seems to go so fast and yet so slow.  I’m amazed that tomorrow I go again.  One more round done.  I do look forward to that part (one more round being done) and so I embrace tomorrow.  I also don’t look forward to tomorrow because I have had so many good days in a row where I felt almost ‘normal’ again!  I know that after tomorrow I’ll go through the whole process again, but I look forward to the good days yet again.

Thanks for all those who wrote what they were thankful for.  It was awesome to read all the blessings we have!  I wish that I could respond to each one of you, and please know that I would if I could!  Thank you for writing in.  It’s so neat to read your comments and to think on the relationships that I have with you–cousin, ‘old’ friend or aquaintance, ‘new’ friend, family.  I’m blessed by all of you.   We still stand amazed at all the support we continue to get and to feel.  We still so very much appreciate the prayers and love showed by so many.  God bless you.

Peace and love,